Trying to find a baby monitor for my sister

New baby monitorWe were so glad to welcome the new one to our family. It was such a big thing at home to greet and shower the new one with loads of wishes and gifts. But my sister was a bit nervous about her first child and had very less time to check the needs of her son. She was getting so worried to take care of the baby, along with managing household and her career. I heard about these baby monitors from one of my colleague and thought it would be a great idea to gift one to her.

I started searching about these baby alarms online and found there were many varieties in them, such at this site which list the best video baby monitors. Initially I was a bit confused whether to buy an audio or video monitor and later thought the audio one does the job pretty well. I thought the crib talk may disturb my sister and she may lose her concentration on work. But without given a second thought about it, I managed to get one for her hoping to offer a good night sleep without worrying about the baby in the crib.

I finally gifted these baby monitors to her and she was overjoyed by my gesture. This baby monitor provided a two way communication that allowed us to speak to the baby and listen to him as well when we were not around him. Since my sister is not so good at singing, she recorded some nice lullabies and played it to her child through the monitors. My sister usually works with the computer and so she avoided staying next to him. So, these alarms helped her much to attend the baby as soon as she learnt about the infant waking up.She carried the receiver with her as she worked,and while she sleptit used to be plugged by the bed.

The transmitter and receiver in the baby monitor helped whenever the baby cried to fulfill its comfort. The monitor had the digital audio wireless systems which did not take much space of the home. Though she wished the monitor had a baby cam, her primary requirement of monitoring the baby was fulfilled by the audio monitors itself. I also informed her about the systems compatibility with the standard wireless security camera, in which she was much interested at. She also told it was a better idea to avoid the movement monitors since it can create unnecessary alarms which might not need attention.

Overall we were happy that baby can be monitored well in our absence and hence minimize the injuries from happening.One of the drawbacks of these monitors were the false sense of security they offered to parents. Other than this problem the rest of the job it does is simply a great one, especially for a working parent like my sister.



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