Our weekend away at a caravan park

Last weekend we took a break to one of the fantastic caravan park at Brixham,Devon which is operated by the park holidays.We were welcomed by park manager, who was polite and guided us near our caravan and made sure that we were comfortable there. The place was really the way we expected. Everything was affordable, I should say cheap and comfy. We actually got attracted to whatever we saw because it was so clean to look at.The caravans were at close proximity to the vehicle parking slots. Overall, the well kept park welcomed us pretty well. Thanks to people at the reservation department, they helped us much in understand things around.

Our Devon caravan holidayThe caravan summer house we stayed at had a 2 bed and rooms that was much spacious and single beds were much comfortable too. Though it had a single glazing, we did not experience any wind gushing inside during the nights and we slept warm and comfortably. But, if the season is unfavorable, it might be disturbing during the winter. We had been looking for cheap caravan holidays in Cornwall for some time and it was great to find this very convenient place to enjoy the holidays with a lot many amenities.

They had amazing facilities like the indoor and outdoor pools, children’s play area, restaurants, shops and other entertainment.Our group had both amateur and professional swimmers, so the gradually sloping depth gradient at the heated indoor pool were a good option to stay together. We even enjoyed the water there in water slides. The park took care of everything making sure to provide life jackets for all. In fact in one of the water slide a child slipped and fell into water while playing but the guards who were keeping eye saved the kid. They provide their unique service in a unique way. There were nice indoor sun- bed chair area for those who did not like to get wet.

We snacked and bought a light drink at the onsite restaurant/bar which was neat and had large dining area that fits almost a hundred guests.Playing bingo at the evenings was one the best entertainments we had. The park holidays was perfect for our kids since they got a lot more opportunity to explore plenty of new skills. We also enjoyed the chance of trying a hand at new sports like archery and fencing.

The park we stayed was very close to bicton park botanical garden, crealy adventure park and exmouth beach, powderham castle aquarium and sandy bay. Since it was easy to travel to these places, we took arented cab and reached a few attractions too. You can enjoy some coastal views if you choose to stay in South Devon. You can also explore the stunning coastline at Devon since there is much to see and do there during your stay.

We later came to know one of the interesting fact that Devon was voted as one of the best holiday park by the British travel awards. Everyone of us were so happy while we left the place by unwinding some of the spectacular views of the coast and cliffs. If you are lucky like us, you may also receive great discounts for some of the attractions and entertainments.

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