My strimmer is broken – should I choose a new petrol version?

We all like a nice well manicured lawn and trimmers are used to streamline and enhance curb appeal. The question is which is better…petrol or electric. Well, that depends on what it is being used for. Let me explain.


Need a new petrol strimmerWith a petrol trimmer, you have the option of a 2 or 4-stroke model. What’s the difference you ask? A 2-stroke always needs a mixture of petrol and oil. Some 4-stroke models require a petrol/oil mixture and some only require petrol. That will depend upon the specific model that you are using. Check the instruction manual if you are unsure. Good petrol strimmers usually have larger motors and run on horsepower which makes them more powerful than the electric trimmers. This means that they typically have larger blades or string and cut more at once. This also means that these trimmers are better equipped to cut through tougher weeds and thicker grass, even when wet.

Because these trimmers use petrol, it means they are cordless, easier to manuveur and more convenient to move around with and as long as it has petrol in it, it works. However, because it cordless and uses petrol, it also means that it has a larger tank which might make it a bit heavier, but still very convenient. Now let’s see what its counterpart has to offer.


The electric trimmer also has two options, electric and battery powered. This makes them more eco-friendly because they do not emit fumes, but it also makes them less powerful than the petrol ran versions. These are better for small yards and small jobs. This would not be the ideal choice if you have a yard or lot over-run with weeds. With the electric version, you do have a cord to be mindful of when navigating around an area. The cord often gets in the way and mulitple cords may be needed to cover the ground you are cutting.

Power outages and rain interference are other factors that you should consider when makong your choice. As for the battery-powered trimmer, well they only last for however much of a charge it holds. Although, a second battery may be purchased just to have as backup. Most of the battery operated trimmers only have a charge lasting about 20-30 minutes per charge. You can check the owner’s manual or ask a knowledgeable associate prior to purchasing.

How to choose which is right for youAssess how big the work area or yard is. Ask yourself if it is a big job will requires continual trimming and if the grass is dense and thick. You may want to choose the more powerful trimmer in this case. If it is a small job or yard that you can cover and get done fairly easily and only needs to be maintained every once in a while, then the electric or battery operated trimmer may be the more suitable choice. Also consider the weather and if you get a lot of rain. If so, the more powerful petrol trimmer may be a better and safer choice. Whatever your needs, there is one right for the job.

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