My experience with the paleo diet

Paleo diet recipeAlmost for four years I was fed up by various suggestions and recommendations given by almost everyone regarding my health. But, I was much stubborn about following any of the diets suggested, since there was no much sense in it. But, after hearing about the paleo diet from one of the TED talks, I was assured that it will definitely bring the results I was looking for. Yes! It had some logic because it simply asked me to avoid the odd foods like grains, legumes and dairy products from my daily diet.

At the age of 52, and after a mild heart attack, it was high time I could do something about my health. So, I started following the diet almost eight months back and the results now are really drastic.My diet included 700mg of non poultry calcium everyday along with raw vegetables and fruits with no sugar and no salt. The paleo diet only has important vitamins and minerals like calcium and vitamin D in it. Along with following the no junk diet, I used to take a multivitamin supplement every day because of the fear of certain deficiencies.

Following this particular diet made me perfectly lean, strong and energetic than before. The lean proteins I used to consume greatly supported my muscles and made bones more healthy bringing the immune system to optimal level. While buying the groceries for my diet, I made sure to bring it from an organic store to avoid consumption of other chemicals. At the end, I was stunned by the complete make over I had by following this wonderful technique followed by our ancestors. My heart health almost reached to normal and the test results of cholesterol levels were much better compared to the last one.

I was much surprised to know that even nuts, seeds and certain oils like olive oil and fish oil were a part of paleo diet. All these days I believed those foods had a lot of fats that make me look huge. But no, I learnt that these foods were only rich in monounsaturated fats and Omega-3 fatty acids which in fact reduces the chance of obesity, diabetes and other diseases. After strictly including only veggies and lean meat, my body weight was admiringly low.

Eating a lot of plant foods and lean proteins contributed in the control of blood sugar levels, blood pressure and reduction in weight. After following this diet, I can say it is the healthiest way you can eat the food since we follow a strict nutritional diet only. It is much true that our ancestral diet had good amount of nutritions that keep me healthy for longer days.

I really blame the agricultural revolution because we are becoming unhealthy only because of the modern day foods. We all are genetically predisposed to eat this way and only then we all shall stay healthy. Eating the caveman diet was absolutely healthy for me by reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer and other health complications.



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